Femhype Interview

I speak with Miss N about making games, VR, being human, and finding my way. Blanket Fort Chats: Game Making With Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan

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Auscault turns your body into an interactive instrument. Use pleasure, pain, surprise, anger, and other spectrums of emotion to play and listen to the emotional states and changes in yourself or another human being. Auscault can be played alone, as a tool for exploring how certain thoughts or environments make you feel, or with a […]

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Coding Magic

Learning to code is hard. I sit down to learn, then blink, and find myself across the room. I take my own hand and walk back over to the code. Learning to code is a game of snakes and ladders, with only snakes. WHERE ARE THE LADDERS?   As a little girl, typing cryptic inscriptions into a […]

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Closer is a game for two people: to start you must stand close together, and to succeed you must work together. Closer uses a Kinect to track the movement of the players’ bodies, and draws a single shared playable character exactly at the space between the players, growing and shrinking with their proximity and moving […]

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Marie LeBlanc Flanagan

10 Games and Lessons from A MAZE.

I’ve been living, dreaming, and all-out living A MAZE. for the past few months. I moved to Germany to immerse myself in game-making and spaces of experimental play. I asked around about weird game gatherings, and found A MAZE. I reached out to A MAZE., and got to work doing logistics, planning, and problem solving. […]

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trello boards

23 FREE Tools to manage projects, grow communities, and get things done

When I submitted papers to incorporate Wyrd Arts Initiatives, I didn’t know what to expect. Within a few years I was working with over 500 new volunteers to strategize and then implement 35 objectives; founding a national online store and distro; curating and editing “the best music website in Canada” with daily posts; creating a […]

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I am the founder and Executive Director of Wyrd Arts Initiatives, Editor in Chief of Weird Canada, founder of Drone Music Day and Wyrd Distro. You can find me speaking at conferences, conducting workshops, and working on fun projects.   Get in touch if you would like to work together.  

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