I make play experiences and strange games. I’m curious about human problems and new technologies. My favourite problems are related to identity, expression, connection, and community.

I design experiences with a focus on interaction, motivation, barriers, and flow.

My tools are fluid: in the past few years I’ve worked with experimental gameplay, cooperation, virtual reality, augmented reality, narrative, open source data, biosignals, smell art, sonic art, computer vision, machine learning, and human learning.

Read about my work here or check out this FemHype interview.

Before I started designing experiences I worked with arts communities, founding Wyrd Arts Initiatives, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to encouraging, documenting, and connecting creative expression across Canada; serving as the Editor in Chief of Weird Canada, a website that celebrates and documents do-it-yourself, experimental, and emerging music, books, ideas, and art, and creating Drone Day, an international day for the celebration of drone music. I also worked on alternative education programming, social enterprise, and communications.

I’m currently in San Francisco, but am often in Berlin or Canada. Say hello! twitter // email