I moved to Berlin one year ago to make experimental games. In the past year I have made:

  • Auscault: A facial recognition/biosignal piece using machine learning to allow you to play another person’s body as an instrument.
  • Other Hands: A Virtual Reality experience expressing the permanence of a person’s virtual choices on their physical body.
  • Closer, A co-operative computer vision game that uses two people’s moving bodies as a shared single controller.
  • TexTiles: An award-winning pattern-matching game using a database of historically relevant textiles at the Wikimedia Free Knowledge Game Jam.

I do work in arts and music communities, my work includes:

  • Founding Wyrd Arts Initiatives, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to encouraging, documenting, and connecting creative expression across Canada.
  • Serving as the Editor in Chief of Weird Canada, a website that celebrates and documents do-it-yourself, experimental, and emerging music, books, ideas, and art.
  • Creating Drone Day, an international day for the celebration of drone music.