Marie single handedly took Weird Canada from a handful of bloggers it used to be to the award-winning, grant receiving, change-the-Canadian-music-scene-works juggernaut that it is today.

She is hard-working, organized, detail-oriented, intelligent, friendly, and resourceful. She is an asset. Period.

— David C Steinberg, Ph. D.

Marie LeBlanc Flanagan is the most effective individual I have worked with in my professional career. She has the incredibly rare ability to create systems and environments that foster radical growth, becoming conduits of empowerment for stakeholders within any organization.

She achieves this with her uncanny ability to identify barriers to individuals, information, and communication, leveraging this knowledge to implement systems, optimizations, and restructuring.

I have no doubt that Marie can solve any problem faced by any organization. In fact, I can guarantee that in the process she will identify many gaps along the way and implement strategic solutions for each one. In the end you'll never believe you existed without her.

— Aaron Levin

I was challenged to present a music industry conference to connect our members with some of the foremost innovators, guest speakers, and music industry experts in this rapidly-changing industry.

One of my proudest achievements in that regard was bringing Marie LeBlanc Flanagan up to share her perspective as a game-changing organizer. Her rapid successes in terms of leading and organizing a national support network for outsider musicians in under-represented genres are manifold.

Marie is a compelling speaker and a passionate advocate for artists, inspiring and challenging creative people to collaborate to reshape this world for the better. I was specifically thanked by multiple attendees for having included her in the panels.

Marie LeBlanc Flanagan is an ideal panelist for any music industry conference that intends to rise to the challenge.

— Steven Reed, Executive Director – MusicYukon

Marie LeBlanc Flanagan’s involvement as a keynote speaker at the National Campus & Community Radio Association (NCRA) conference held in Victoria, BC in June 2014 was a distinct highlight of the week’s activities.

Marie’s presentation provided great motivation to the attending delegates and was a conversation point that created positive changes throughout the duration of the conference. She took the time to understand her audience and connected with them in a very honest and sincere way.

I do not believe our conference would have been nearly as successful without her contributions. I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact she can have on anything with which she is involved.

— Johnnie Regalado, Vice-President – NCRA/ANREC Board of Directors

As the executive director of Weird Canada and Wyrd Arts Initiatives, Marie has spearheaded countless initiatives, grown all facets of the organization, and instilled everything we do with a newfound sense of structure, enthusiasm and community.

— Jesse Locke

Marie balanced the mechanics of running a complex and multi-faceted arts organization, strategizing for the future, and the dirty-hands work of running and promoting events, and did it all while building great relationships with the artists, staff and community partners of the Artery.

Marie is an outstanding resource and would greatly benefit any organization to which she applied her formidable skillset.

— Amelia Shultz-McPherson, Edmonton Arts Council

When I first met her, I thought of her as the cool aunt. The kind that lets you eat candy before dinner, and lets you run in the mud with your nice shoes on.

But she is also really smart. I was excited to come into work… even when I wasn’t getting paid. What new story was I going to hear? What new lesson was she going to teach me?

You really need to meet her to see how special she is, and realize how much she can change someone’s life.

— Catherine Fougere, NBFY/RC

If anyone could support, mentor, and be a good influence on youth, it is Marie LeBlanc-Flanagan. Anytime my friends or I ever needed anything, anytime, Marie was always there for us, she became all of our mentors because she was so intelligent, giving and wise. She brought out the best in all of us, my friends and I all agree that the summer we spent together between grade 11 and grade 12 was the best summer of our lives because of the Roasted Cherry.

Marie made us see that we were all wonderful, capable, beautiful people. I hope she gets the chance to make other people feel the way we did that summer.

— Thea Cooke, NBFY/RC

Marie has been a dedicated volunteer for the new peer advisory initiative, Trail Blazers.

She was invited to join the program as a result of her dynamic personality, willingness to help others and her outstanding academic achievements. As an advisor, her tasks included attending office hours weekly and advising students who were facing academic difficulties.

Even though Marie was only expected to complete these tasks, she always went above and beyond the expectations of this position by promoting the new program to students that were not aware of its existence. Marie, as a fully trained peer advisor, assisted students with great compassion, honesty and sincerity. She was incredibly reliable and always ensured that each student’s problems were solved quickly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend Marie for any position or program that she so wishes to pursue.

— Jenilee Ruch, Trail Blazer Founder, Trent University