Marie LeBlanc Flanagan

Special Guests

Explore our guests below.

The Listener
The Listener: No one listens to you? Full attention, as a service.
The Diversion
The Diversion: Unprepared? Need your meeting to go off the rails? We got this.
The Icebreaker
The Icebreaker: Awkward intros? Icy vibes? We'll get people talking.
The Grandma
The Grandma: Stuck in an echo chamber? Forgot your roots? Grandma knows best.
The Funny Buddy
The Funny Buddy : Super serious? Too productive? Bad jokes and puns for you.
The Tea Time
The Tea Time: Forget to take breaks? Losing steam? It's definitely Tea Time!
Techo Party
The Techno Party: Need some hustle and sweat in your meeting? Can’t stop, won’t stop.
The Laugh Track
The Laugh Track: Everyone on mute? Drumroll, studio laughter and applause!
The Translatorian
The Translatorian: Working with a sesquipedalian? Obfuscation clarified!
The Scapegoat
The Scapegoat: Missed a deadline? Deleted a database? Reply-all-oops? Point over here.
The Decision Maker?
The Decision Maker: Struggling to make decisions? Firm, decisive, clear.
The Replacement
The Replacement: Want to skip a meeting? Do it responsibly.
The Art Window
The Art Window: Struggling to hold their attention? Keep their eyes on the meeting.
The ANIMAL: Really an animal. Yes, really.
The Playful Friend
The Playful Friend: Boring meeting? Amusing diversions and cooperative play.
The Blatherer
The Blatherer: Awkward silences => existential crisis? Never have a pause again.
The Musician
The Musician: Co-workers won't listen to your mix-tape? They can't escape this.
The Questioner?
The Questioner: Feel aimless, listless, lost? The right questions at the right time.
The Hype Friend
The Hype Friend: Need a boost? Need some love? This friend always has your back.
The Human Timer
The Human Timer: Does one person always talk too much? Not with this guest around!
The Critic: Surrounded by yes people and sycophants? Get some hard truths.
The Dancer: Trouble making a point? Augment your pitch with ~interpretive dance~
The finisher
The Finisher: Meetings always running overtime? Not anymore.
The Bard
The Bard: Mundane meetings? Epic music about the meeting, in the meeting