Call for collaborators:
Making video meetings weirder

People connecting across the world

Are you interested in doing experimental and wonderful things on video conference calls? Ready to leap into a video call and rescue people from endless tedium and dread? Have weird ideas? We need you! Reach out!

What is this?

A video-conferencing marketplace with weird services for hire. It's still forming.


Early ideas (for inspiration):

  • Hype friend: A hype-person for your meeting (or for just you).
  • The Bard: A special guest composing music about the meeting.
  • Human timer: A guest who enforces equal speaking time for all.
  • Techno party: A special guest who can't stop won't stop dancing (optional: music on or off).
  • Critic: Are you surrounded by yes people? Here is someone who will say no.
  • Art window: Original art made during your meeting.
  • Translator: Guest who translates jargon, linguistic posturing, and obfuscation.
  • Human sounds: Guest who makes sounds on demand to communicate on your behalf ("hmm? hehe? whoa!").
  • Half-time show: A special musical guest for your mid-meeting break.
  • Chatty Gary: A video background with bubbles that show each face. The more you talk the bigger your bubble gets and the smaller the other bubbles get
  • Move it out: Interpretive dance to augment your point/pitch.
  • Tea Time: A person who enforces tea time as soon as 50% of the people have requested it by DM.
  • The diversion: Two guests have a special moment during your call.
  • Finisher: A guest who makes sure the meeting ends on time - by any means necessary.

Why do this?

To poke at:

  • “Business as usual”
  • Problems in video calls (tedium, privacy, the inhumanity, gary talks too much)
  • Dead design metaphors
  • Gig economies
  • Art + Work

To invite:

  • Unimaginable possibilities
  • New ways of relating
  • Art work
  • Valuing emotional work
  • Trickster trumps troll

Ways you could help:

We need help with:

  • Ideas!
  • Setting up (code, writing, art)
  • Performing ideas (music, art, code, performance, other)

Reach out!