Marie LeBlanc Flanagan

Emergency Exhibition Care
Who cares for the artist at art exhibitions?

I designed and created Emergency Exhibition Care (EEC) for ITP/IMA at the final show. I was inspired by witnessing the total exhaustion of students at the Game Center final show.

Emergency Exhibition Care was an enactment of care for all exibiting artists. I created a micro-zine which I handed out. It had options that I would provide to artists without obligation or cost.

  • 1 minute or less (quick fixes)
    • 3 deep breaths together
    • Shake the stress out together
    • Hydrate (water delivery)
    • Tiny snack water delivery
    • Hot Miso Soup delivery
    • Hot Herbal tea delivery
    • Vent freely to me
  • 10 Minutes Evacuations
    • Meditate or Rest in a private space
    • Dance to any song you want in a private, 1-person club
    • Nap in a private room with a heated blanket)
    • Go outside for fresh air
eec eec eec