Marie LeBlanc Flanagan

Special Guest
Zoombombing from a better world

Special Guest was an experimental marketplace where anyone could book strange and wonderful guests for a video meeting.

Check out special guest here drawing of a computer with special guests

Special guests help with fixing some specific ways that meetings are broken. They bring special skills and abilities to your meeting. They invite you to imagine other ways of gathering.

special guest - the decision maker special guest - the translatorian special guest - the bard

Special Guest is a project from Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan in collaboration with Squinky, Eris, Danielle, Nomi, Kofi Oduro, C.Y. Lee, Ida, Justine Lera, Kaeli, Naoto, and Maya. Thank you to Julia, Aaron, Bahiyya, Lynn, Nathalie, Eric, Jim, and Brie.

drawing of two people connecting over the internet