Marie LeBlanc Flanagan

Experiments and Archive

Marie LeBlanc Flanagan is an artist working in the spaces between people, especially those related to expression, connection, and community. Marie’s tools are fluid and have included experimental gameplay, virtual and augmented reality, open-source data, bio-signals, smell art, computer vision, machine learning, and above all, cooperative/collaborative systems. Marie is currently working online, building connective spaces for people.

A dreamlike-pastel world with soft colourful shapes floating above an ocean
Soft Sanctuary
A grid of nodes connected by lines in a purple circle on a black background
Two people playing closer with one observer standing between them. They standing in front of pink triangles with a blue cluster between them.
A close up of three players in front of two enormous buttons. They look curious and excited.
A purple woman floating on a black background holding a green vine lit up by a spotlight.
Mood Ring
A person standing in between pink and yellow balloons wafting a scent towards their face
Two people facing eachother and laughing
360 image of the pint-tinted Dream Room with a candle in the center. People are all lined up against the walls.
Dream Room
Many hands overlapping eachother in a VR game.
Other Hands
Illustration of a pink laptop on a blue background open to a Zoom call with animated people.
Special Guest
A sketch of a person inside an arcade cabinet.
Arcade Friend
An illustration of a toilet with grafitti on the walls.
Throne Room
A cute illustration of two faces smiling at eachother, one is saying '!!'
The text says: space: there is a space waiting for you and (((o)))
Sound Games
Closeup of colourful lights on a blurry person.
Dance Closet
A photo of a zine that say 'Emergency Exhibition Care'
Emergency Exhibition Care
A bunch of wavy lines that shape the word Wyrd
Wyrd Arts Initiatives
A weird leaf surrounded by a pattern of small multicoloured flags
Weird Canada
Two people playing violins in front of a multicolour sheet
Drone Day